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Rakeback Solution

Welcome to RakeBack Solution. We are dedicated to offering you the best rakeback rates, the best promotions, and the best poker bonuses anywhere on the internet! To start earning rakeback just sign up and follow the instructions to start earning rakeback at all of your favorite online poker rooms

What Is Rakeback?


In nearly every hand of poker that you play the house takes a small piece out of the pot for themselves. This is called the rake. This is how the house makes money.


Rakeback is a rebate of a percentage of the rake. It may only be a few cents per hand, but if you play poker on a regular basis this rakeback adds up to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars every month.

Rakeback Solution Promotions

December Rake Races / Rake Chases

In December all of our players have a chance to earn even more extra cash. This month we are giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonus money. Don't miss out! Click the banner below to find out more.

Rake Races at Betfair, Cellsino Poker, Carbon Poker, Party Poker, Titan, PKR Poker, and Players Only

Tell A Friend

Earn up to 4% of any friends rake for as long as they play. This money does not come out of their normal rakeback percentage. Click the banner below for more information.

Earn a piece of your friend's rake at rakeback solution

DeucesCracked - Free Poker Training

RakeBack Solution has partnered with DeucesCracked to give our players an advantage over the competition. We are giving away free subscriptions to deucescracked for anyone who generates $500 in rake any month. Click the banner below to find out more.

DeucesCracked Subscription Free with Rakeback Account

Rakeback and Bonus Offers

Click on the logo of any poker site to find out more information on the offer and how to sign up. Sites with an American flag in the bottom right hand corner are American friendly sites. All others do not allow players from the US to sign up.

Rakeback Offers

Bonus Offers

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December Promotions
Cake Poker $60,000
Carbon Poker $10,000
Poker Nordica $10,000
Black Chip Poker $10,000
RPM Poker $10,000
Poker Heaven $17,000
Interpoker $3,000
NoiQ $13,000
Red Star $30,000
Minted Poker $25,000
Broadway Tables $24,500
Genting Poker $15,000
Fortune Poker $12,000
GR88 $10,000
Poker World $10,000
Party Poker $22,000*
WPT Poker $22,000*
Betfair $60,000
Betsafe $8,000
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